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Lead Magnet Creation Service

Attract new customers with informative resources created just for your business.

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What is Lead Magnet Creation?


Do you have expertise you’d like to share with your customers or clients? We make it easy to communicate information through mediums such as eBooks and white papers, so you can promote your business in the best light. Attracting new leads, clients, and customers is easy with Evolved Strategic Marketing on your side.


Highlight and communicate your services, products, and resources.

Create paid-for resources like eBooks to share your expertise with clients.

Generate traffic, improve SEO, and attract new leads.

Publish documents showcasing your experience within the industry.

Build brand awareness, earn trust, and establish your credibility.

How We Can Help




White Papers

Our Approach to Lead Magnet Creation

At Evolved Strategic Marketing, we’re passionate about providing performance-driven marketing solutions to help you grow your business. We know that effective marketing goes beyond social media to include strategic resources that directly highlight and communicate your business’s goals and purpose.

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Attract the Customers You’re Looking For

Lead magnet creation solutions help you attract your ideal customers by highlighting your key business information and showcasing it in a clear, easy-to-read format. Create educational resources, drive traffic to your website, and improve your search rankings. Do it all with Evolved Strategic Marketing.


You’re an expert in your industry. Share your knowledge publicly with eBooks, and connect with your customers in a unique way. We’ll work directly with you to create educational, informative resources that provide your customers with the content they’re looking for, and keep them coming back for more. And by charging for access to your eBooks, you’re creating an evergreen source of revenue that will help add to your business’s bottom line.

White Papers

White papers continue to be an effective marketing tool, especially within the digital marketing realm. Instead of constantly selling to your customers, showcase your services as solutions to their everyday questions and problems, and show them why you’re the best at what you do. Drive traffic to your website, increase your potential leads—and then convert them with your expertise. We’ll help you, every step of the way.